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The Edge of Never  - J.A. Redmerski

OMG!!!!  I loved this book!  I loved the fact that these were actually adults with real problems, not your typical "my parents and friends don't understand me" problems, but true problems that cannot be solved in a single chapter.  I loved how they met, that their love story was realistic and it was not instalove which I truly hate.  Andrew was totally SWOON!!!  I loved Cam, she was completely relatable and not a pushover or a wallflower or a Mary Sue.  I loved how real she was,  I was not a fan of Natalie.  I know girls like her and I just cannot stand her.  I loved this book and cannot wait to read "The Edge Of Always."  


If you have not read this book, either head to your bookstore and buy a copy, or download it ASAP!!!